Dispensary Supply

Easily find various dispensary supplies of your need at affordable wholesale prices from Cali Kulture. We offer our customers high quality glass jars, pop top bottles, and other supplies that can keep your products secure and totally fresh. With Cali Kulture’s wide selection of dispensary supplies, retailers can easily count on us.

Our wide selection of dispensary products is so well organized that you can exactly find what you need. Each product is available in a variety of sizes, ensuring that you get the right product with the correct sizes. No matter the packaging style you prefer, you can be absolutely sure that you are getting only that order you have placed.

Pop top bottles keep medications secure and offer a convenient solution to patients. These bottles are available in Cali Kulture with airtight, moisture resistant, and water proof design. Reversible cap vials are another category of dispensary products. These offers a push down and turn option to open and close the container. They are child resistant and also highly functional bottles to store medicines.

Other than these, Cali Kulture dispensary supplies include Philips RX Pop Top Bottles, Mylar smell proof bags, concentrate containers, glass jars, storage containers, Joint and blunt tubes, and marijuana labels.