• Air Factory E-Liquid 100 Ml
  • Air Factory E-Liquid 100 Ml
  • Air Factory E-Liquid 100 Ml
  • Air Factory E-Liquid 100 Ml

Air Factory E-Liquid 100 ML

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Bottle Size: 100 ML.

Nicotine Strength : 0,3,6 Mg.

VG/PG Ratio: 70/30.


Strawberry Kiwi: Strawberry Kiwi has the flavor profile of a strawberry kiwi taffy candy which will completely melt your taste buds into another dimension. The inhale consist of the strawberry fruit flavor that will bring forth an everlasting smile on your face. Upon exhaling this gem of an e juice is when the kiwi and taffy candy comes into play to complement the strawberry inhale. When you exhale your taste buds will experience all of the flavors at the same time which is like putting the last piece of the puzzle in place. The throat hit is smooth and refreshing.

Mystery:  As its name suggests, the mystery flavor has some mysterious insights for you. on vaping the product you will be able to find a perfect mixture of berries and ripe fruits blended into a sweet stick of chewy candy taffy. Based out of Southern California. On the inhale you will taste the sweet candy taffy flavoring. While the vapor lingers on your taste pallet you will notice the flavor shift lightly and you will taste the fruits and berries throughout the exhale.

Blue Razz:  One of their premium e liquids called Blue Razz is catching a lot of buzzes right now. It is profiled to taste like a sweet piece of blue raspberry candy, with a hint of tart to make it interesting. It tastes kind of like blue taffy. It is awesome. Since our first hit, we haven’t been able to stop vaping it. Blue Razz by Air Factory E-Liquid has a sweet blue raspberry inhale, with a sweet candy tart exhale. It has an extremely smooth and enjoyable throat hit. 

 Wild Apple: Wild Apple e-juice by Air Factory E-Liquid is the perfect combination of sour green apples with sweet taffy candy. The newest released flavor is the perfect take of sliced tangy green apples blended into a chewy taffy candy. Wild Apple e-juice provides taffy candy on the inhale with slight notes of tart green apple on the exhale. Readied in 100ml e-liquid bottle.